small business

A growing business needs some answers

There comes a time when a small business must ask the ultimate question… Do we need a software upgrade? The answer for a growing business would most likely be yes. In order to ensure that your business has unlimited growth capabilities and that your software is always growing with your company, a Cloud app provider is the best solution to the problem.

A few years ago, Cloud app providers were few and uncommon, but now there are thousands of Cloud app providers making the software hunt just that much more exciting. For Phoenix Investigations Group Inc., the hunt for the perfect Cloud app provider was right up their alley.

Phoenix goes on the hunt for the perfect Cloud software

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Small business owners, even those with an excellent credit history, are finding credit hard to find. Imagine how much more difficult this process is for small online merchants, who tend to carry a lot of debt and can be slow to repay, hurting their credit scores and scaring off traditional lenders.

If traditional lines of credit are unavailable, where do these merchants go to find capital, sometimes referred to as dough, bacon, bread, buckaroos or bucks.

The solution may come from Kabbage.

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