small business cloud computing

How often have you:

  • Received a Doc.x from a MAC user and can’t open it on your PC?
  • Tried to open an attachment in an email that isn’t compatible?
  • Upgraded an older program that won’t work on your new computer?
  • Purchased a program only to find out that it isn’t compatible with some of your older computers?
  • Or bought a new laptop to discover that some of your programs need an upgrade in order to run…… an additional price.

Anyone who watches TV, opens a newspaper, or reads a business blog is aware of the rapidly growing cloud explosion. Worldwide revenues from public IT cloud services exceeded $16 billion in 2009 and are expected to hit the $55.5B mark by 2014, according to market researcher IDC. This represents a 27.4% compound annual growth rate, which is roughly five times that of regular IT products, notes IDC”.  With Oracle spending millions purchasing cloud providers, IBM transforming into a cloud-based service provider, and tablets and laptop purchases exploding, the cloud is fast becoming the perfect storm: the convergence of all forms of hardware and applications into a singular experience.

 But while these storm clouds are amassing, can the cloud help the goblins that affect our daily work lives disappear?

Working in the Cloud you will find that:

  • Cloud-based document apps, such as Google Docs, work on any PC or MAC, no special language required.
  • With cloud-based email and/or using cloud-based document programs, your attachments will always open.
  • Never download a program again. Cloud-based programs are accessible from any web enabled device as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • There are no hardware compatibility issues with the cloud. Never.
  • Laptops, tablets, desktops…….they don’t operate cloud-based programs. The cloud will work as smoothly as opening a web page, purchasing a book on Amazon, or ordering Halloween costumes.
  • And cloud-based apps work on a pay-as-you-go basis.

There are a number of technical headaches that we all deal with every day, some of which are so frustrating people swear a poltergeist invaded the office. The cloud isn’t a magical solution, but the benefits of cloud computing will benefit your company and will solve many of the everyday hassles easily and affordably.

Fortunately, our season of ghosts and goblins is soon followed by a season of thanksgiving.







In the process of selling our home, we were required to have a mold inspection. During the inspection, I started speaking with their agent and he began to describe how they were looking to hire as business was growing monthly; which I found surprising in this economy. So I asked what was contributing to this growth? The answer was simply, technology. They had build a new web site and incorporated SEO and lead generation tactics to bring in new leads. But the main reason was the cloud: they moved all their services online which allowed the agents to  input data in the field, from their cell phones, tablets or from home. Utilizing this new technology, he was able to double the number of cases he handled in a week.

I asked him how he felt working in the cloud and he looked confused. Not unusual with so many mixed messages about the cloud that we are inundated with. Notwithstanding the ‘to the cloud’ mantra promoted by TV ad campaigns from Cisco and Microsoft, cloud computing is no different from electricity, or as Siamak Farah, InfoStreets; CEO said in a recent article, like water.

And, will provide 3 game changing benefits to your business.

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