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To begin with, let’s define what Cloud Computing actually is. Cloud Computing in the most basic of terms is the act of using the internet for your basic computing needs so that you can cut back on hardware and software used to run your company. With that said, SaaS and Cloud Computing are 100% interchangeable as SaaS is a part of Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is a range of different things, this includes SaaS (for Software), HaaS (for Hardware), PaaS (for your Platform or OS), IaaS (for Infrastructure) and there are still others.

Cloud Computing also has three major deployment models External where everything is hosted at a separate provider, Hybrid which is both part hosted by the provider and part hosted in house, and Private where it is more of a emulation of a cloud environment in house.

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Everywhere you go right now people are talking about cloud computing. I think everyone can agree that it is no longer a passing fad but rather has become a computing revolution. Currently companies are flocking to Google Apps, Salesforce, Kashoo, QuickBooks online, Zoho, and many others. These are all applications, but what about the platform?

When we work with a windows environment the platform is, well, Windows. In a Linux environment the server platform is Linux and the client platform is Windows. In both cases when necessary I can write custom scripts, set up integration points between software, and again operate on that platform/os level. But with the web, where is the platform? Where is the OS? Clients are not going to be content moving to a full cloud environment that does not mimic their current environment. In most cases this means a single sign-in location ,on application environment to do their work, with as few windows to manage as possible. This is the additional benefit of programs like ACT, Exchange, and Sharepoint: they bring all of a person’s daily work into one location. Where is that for the web? How do MSP’s, VAR’s, and IT professionals achieve the same level of simplicity in the cloud?

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