cloud computing benefits

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly hearing that cloud computing can benefit our businesses. A Google search for ‘benefits of cloud computing’  displays numerous articles enumerating all the benefits that the cloud will bring your small business.

Articles can provide a wealth of valuable information but too often, do not address real-time situations for the small business owner and frankly, many small business owners look at the headlines and bookmark the article to read at a later time.

So to save time,  here are 5 features of cloud computing that solve real-time situations:

The benefits of cloud computing are gifts for your business

If you have ever used Gmail or Yahoo! you are realizing the benefits of cloud computing, although you may not have realized it. Cloud computing is the use of the Internet to access your information and programs from any web-enabled device instead of relying on programs or software downloaded to a desktop or server. Cloud based apps reduces costs, reduces IT hassles and frees your team from their desks.

It may be 5 months until the holidays, but the Cloud is a gift to small businesses all year long. Here are the Top ten Gifts the Cloud will bring your business: [click to continue…]