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Do you wish you could?

  • Work when you want to
  • Work where you want
  • Work how you want
  • And get paid for results, not the hours

I was reading how BestBuy Corporate offices, Banana Republic and Gap are using a work-flow management process called ROWE Results-Only Work Environment?

Rowe’s mission statement:

  • We do not post office hours or core hours. Our employees know where to be when they need to be there. We don’t have to dictate it. Everybody has complete control over how they spend their time. All the time.
  • We do not track time for our Exempt/Salaried workforce. We track work getting done.
  • There are no hours-worked expectations for exempt/salaried employees. We do not talk about how many hours we work or demand 40, 50, or 60 hours out of people.
  • We do not have a tele-work policy, handbook or tele-work rules. Tele-work is so 1970’s. Work is just work. It doesn’t need a location label. And, we don’t have flextime.
  • We do not track PTO (vacation, sick time, personal time, holiday time). It’s not a benefit. Unlimited paid time off as long as the work gets done is the contemporary benefit that matters.
  • Nobody asks permission to go to an appointment, event or any other personal activity. Ever. And they don’t have to inform the team or management in an effort to be polite.
  • We have adopted the Sludge Eradication Strategy – NO SLUDGE in our workplace.
  • We NEVER put ‘mandatory’ on a meeting invite. Every meeting is optional.
  • We don’t have any limits put on how or when we can work: “No E-Mail Fridays” and “No Meeting Wednesdays” don’t exist in our organization.

Impressive and I want to learn more, although I don’t agree with tele-working being ‘so 1970s’. In an earlier blog post , we point out that in effect, we are all tele-working.

The workplace is changing and it is the underlying technology that is facilitating this change. The Cloud gives businesses the freedom to build what works for their business, their industry, and their team. Younger and more tech savvy employees work on multiple devices, often bringing in their personal ones and need a Cloud-based platform. Employees known as the ‘sandwich generation’ need the Cloud to provide them the flexibility and demands their life require. And, I suspect, that GoROWE companies use the Cloud to make this system work.

The future seems to happen when we are not looking. InfoStreet, a Cloud platform and Cloud app provider, helps companies of all sized and industries build a Cloud-based system that works for them. Contact us for an evaluation of the Cloud for your business and learn how the Cloud benefits small business.

The sheer volume of articles and ads about the Cloud are deafening but who are they talking to? Who will be the consumers for Cloud apps? Will it be the IT guys/gals in the backroom or the secretaries and managers in the office?

Actually, that debate has already been resolved. Everyone who turns on a smart-phone or uses a computer accesses the Cloud daily.

We use the Cloud every time we visit a website (hosted in the Cloud), log into our bank account (hosted in the Cloud), Skype a colleague (in the Cloud), open our email (hosted in the Cloud), or access our company’s CRM to get client information (data hosted in the Cloud).

The Cloud is a fact of life. So why do we hear so many still asking, “what is the Cloud and is it for me or my business?”

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