Cloud Computing: 14 Million Reasons to Move to the Cloud…NOW

by Marcy Hoffman on March 16, 2012

“According to breathtaking new research from Microsoft, the result of a commission to analyst firm IDC, approximately fourteen million new jobs will be created by the year 2015, all of those jobs stemming from a swelling boom in cloud computing. Profits generated from such a boon in cloud activity to skyrocket to more than $1 trillion dollars within the exact same time frame. This combination of revenue heights and a shot in the arm to unemployment woes worldwide could potentially translate into an unprecedented shift in workplace structure. Readers, the take home figure is three years — the amount of time in which cloud’s significance will mushroom.”

So what does this ‘bombshell’ mean to the small business owner?

  • Your company will need to be cloud savvy to attract the next generation of employees who were born with an iPhone in their mouth.
  • Businesses simply won’t survive if they don’t adopt the cloud. This might sound bombastic (I wasn’t the one who said 14 millions jobs!) but when was the last time you did business with a company that didn’t use email?
  • You will have to take the time to learn what cloud computing really is, how it works and how you should incorporate the cloud into your company.
  • To succeed in business, you need to contain your costs. The

Keyon Thomas our Reseller Channel Manager, prepared a study for one of our clients on how migrating to cloud computing would impact his company. He commented “Now in response to the query whether the “The Cloud” is ready for businesses, the results of my research demonstrated that on average, a 20+ employee company will save between 85-96% on their IT costs by switching to a cloud computing model. In this economy this should be a no-brainer. In a 20 person company that can be upwards of $138,000 off its annual operating expenses”.

A new report from The Economist Intelligence Unit and IBM finds that among 572 business leaders surveyed, almost three-fourths indicate their companies have piloted, adopted or substantially implemented cloud in their organizations – and 90% expect to have done so in three years. And the number of respondents whose companies have “substantially implemented” cloud is expected to grow from 13% today to 41% in three years.

What is your business road-map and how does the Cloud factor in? To get some good insight, see this excellent explanation  What is Cloud Computing? to learn the benefits of cloud computing.



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