The Cloud, CES and Thoreau: Your Business and the Change that is Now.

by Marcy Hoffman on January 18, 2012

The Cloud, CES and Thoreau: Your Business and the Change that is Now.

A recent survey performed by CSC via research firm TNS gauged the insight of more than 3,500 Cloud computing users globally. The survey found that Cloud computing adoption is being fueled mainly by users wanting to connect employees to data and apps through multiple devices, including tablets and smartphones. Thirty-three percent of respondents said accessibility to information through multiple devices was their most important reason for Cloud adoption.

“Access via multiple devices was followed by accelerating the speed of business, which 21 respondents said was a key cloud driver, and cutting costs, which 17 percent cited as the most important factor in their choice to move to the cloud. Meanwhile, in the small business, multi-device access to data and apps is driving a massive swell of cloud adoption, with 46 percent citing that as their most important reason for adopting cloud.”

And the Consumer Electronics Show made it clear what is driving this ‘massive swell’:

It’s been raining tablets here at CES 2011. No seriously, it as if the sky has opened up in Vegas and dropped touchscreen slabs with Android and Windows 7 operating systems on our heads. It’s been nearly impossible to keep track of the number of tablets released and the details we’ve learned about them.”

And it’s not just the small business owners who are adapting to this new paradigm. With Oracle spending millions purchasing Cloud providers, IBM transforming into a Cloud-based service provider, and Microsoft transitioning to the Cloud, the Cloud is fast becoming the perfect storm: the convergence of all forms of hardware and applications into a singular experience.

The surprise that I found in the CSC survey was that only 46% of businesses are moving to the Cloud to enhance their employee’s mobility. CES, Oracle, and Microsoft are clear indications that the world is changing and is doing so rapidly.

“The world hates change yet it is the only thing that has brought progress”. -Charles Kettering

What changes will your business embrace in 2012?

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