12 Months of 2012: 12 Steps to a Cloud Workplace

by Marcy Hoffman on January 9, 2012

Move to the Cloud, one step (app) at a time.

Jumping into “the Cloud” with both feet might be daunting. You hear the commercials and read endless articles outlining the benefits that the Cloud provides small businesses, but you are understandably hesitant to jump in all at once.

So here’s a Cloud calendar that will allow you to join your competitors in the Cloud, one step (app) at a time. And don’t worry; this Cloud has a solid foundation.

January: Email and Email Archiving

Every business needs email to survive. And what happens if you lose an email? Easy, add email archiving to your email and never lose an email again. With an email plus solution, (such as StreetSmart’s) you get all the power of Microsoft Exchange without the need to build, purchase, or manage a server.

February: Calendar

With a Cloud-based calendar app, your team will stay organized, avoid over-commitment, and relay information quickly. Quickly send invites and allow guests to RSVP to meetings and various events. You can also instantly view teammate schedules and set conference calls from any web-enabled device anytime

March:  Address Book

Office numbers, cell numbers, email addresses, IM information – The number of people on your contact list and the ways to stay in touch are rapidly growing. Whether you’re on the move, working from home or in the office a Cloud-based Address Book can help keep your contacts organized.

April: CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers. CRM combines business processes, people, and information. Your road warriors will have access to your customer’s information, history, contacts, orders, and sale cycle while on the road.

May: Employee Directory

End the stress of locating contact information for a team member in an emergency! Do away with paper files and keep employee contact information up to date. A Cloud-based employee directory provides your company with the ability to securely store, access, and maintain important employee information online.

June: Tasks

Manage your team and increase productivity. Take the guesswork out of knowing who is in charge of a task and what the status is. With Cloud-based tasks you can  monitor and prevent missed deadlines for you and your staff, improve collaboration, and increase visibility into everyday workflow.

July: Knowledge Base

Access and share all your information anytime, from any Web-enabled device. A Cloud-based knowledge base ensures that critical organizational knowledge can easily be captured, stored, and shared, giving your company the efficiency it needs to grow and allowing your stakeholders to quickly access the information they need.

August: File Sharing

Sharing information and files has never been easier. A Cloud-based file sharing app will simplify distribution of important information without ever purchasing an expensive and time consuming file server. You can even centralize important files and protect your company against scattered or lost information

September: Conference Calling

Email, IM, and texting are all terrific, but sometimes to make sure that everyone is on the same page you just need to pick up the phone. Cloud-based conference calling (use your phone or your computer) is terrific for phone conferences with clients, co-workers, partners, or anyone you need to have in the loop.
(And with InfoStreet, host a FREE Conference Call with 30 or 300.)

October:  Update Your Website

Update your website for 2013! Building the perfect website for your business doesn’t have to be a time consuming task. And you don’t need to hire an IT specialist to build and run your website. Using an app like Page Blender, you can create a website or blog in just minutes.

November: Intranet

Keep your team connected, mobile, and productive. A Cloud-based intranet will provide your company with a platform that houses all the files and apps you have selected all year long, keeping multiple office, road warriors and remote workers connected so long as they have access the Internet.

December: Relax

Your Cloud system is set up. Sit back, have some eggnog and enjoy the benefits that the Cloud has brought your business.

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