Startup America Partnership: Opportunities for Small Businesses

by Marcy Hoffman on October 18, 2011

Reprinted from Small Business Trends

Startup America Partnership, which is an independent alliance of entrepreneurs, corporations, universities, foundations and business leaders is a joint venture between the public and private sectors. Here’s a look at what going on with the private-sector component and the benefits this partnership might offer your company.

Last month Start-up America Partnership’s CEO Scott Case (co-founder of announced $330 million worth of product and service commitments to assist start-up companies. Case told Reuters that the offerings are the result of listening to what start-ups nationwide want and need to succeed and create jobs, and that the web platform has been beta tested by several hundred companies.

So far, 14 providers including D&B and Dell Inc. are offering free products and services to small businesses that register on the site. Case told Reuters the goal is to register more than 100,000 small businesses by the first quarter of 2012.

Visit the Startup America Partnership site and you’ll be asked which of four categories you fall into—idea, start-up, ramp up (growth) or speed up (rapid growth). Click on each category to filter the resource partners best suited to help at your stage of growth.

Small businesses that register will be able to access resources in five categories: capital, customers, talent, services and expertise. As the number of registered companies grows, investors will also be able to use the platform to find companies they might be interested in funding.

The Startup America Partnership site is easy to navigate. And bringing private-sector resources to bear on supporting entrepreneurship is a smart way to go, as we all know many entrepreneurs prefer not to rely on the government for help growing their businesses.

Now the only ingredient Startup America needs is you. To paraphrase a famous saying, it takes a village to start a small business. The Startup America Partnership site includes lists of events as well as opportunities to share your startup story, tell others about events of interest and alert others about resources they might be interested in. Check it out and get involved—even if you’re long past the startup stage, your advice and ideas can help others get going.

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Finance For Non Financial Managers Training October 24, 2011 at 9:54 am

Yeah, there are really opportunities for small businesses. This is great news for everybody indeed.

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