5 Ways the Cloud Can Solve Real-time Situations for your Small Business

by Marcy Hoffman on September 26, 2011

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly hearing that cloud computing can benefit our businesses. A Google search for ‘benefits of cloud computing’  displays numerous articles enumerating all the benefits that the cloud will bring your small business.

Articles can provide a wealth of valuable information but too often, do not address real-time situations for the small business owner and frankly, many small business owners look at the headlines and bookmark the article to read at a later time.

So to save time,  here are 5 features of cloud computing that solve real-time situations:

  • Access company information anywhere, anytime. Employees, partners, and clients can access and up-date information wherever they are, rather than having to return to the office. Real-time situation: A professional/business owner meets a client or a potential client out of the office has access to the latest listings, contract and company updates as they speak.
  • Share that information with your team from the office, the road, or home: Choose what to share with whom and when. Real-time situation: The sales presentation was updated at the home office and now needs to be approved by a partnering company in another city and your salesperson who is sitting on a runway and the client is impatiently waiting. The content is in the cloud, your team collaborated on the changes and the client has what they want before the salesperson’s plane took off.
  • Try cloud-based apps on a free-trial basis than pay as you go: With cloud-based apps such as InfoStreet’s StreetSmart apps, try out what you want for a free trial and pay for what you need when you need it. Real-time situation: You are considering an expansion to a 3rd location and want to experiment with a cloud based CRM. You don’t know how many people will be using the CRM or whether the expansion will happen. With cloud-based CRM apps such as StreetSmart’s, you can scale at will and your business is never locked in for a lengthy contract or has to purchase hardware.
  • Prepare for disaster relief: With your company’s data safely stored in secure data centers instead of your server room (previously known as your storage closet), losing power due to hurricanes, earthquakes, or a construction worker cutting the power lines, you are back at work as long as you have an internet connection. Real-time situation: If you operate a business, you already have experienced this real-time situation.
  • Speak to a real person with your cloud based IT problems: If a vendor’s phone number is on the home page of their website and you don’t have to look on the bottom of a back page or use glasses to read it, you will have real people to talk to. Real-time situation: Keys2Day, a Baltimore, MD real estate agency had grown quickly and was using multiple vendors to operate their business. Business grew but so did their frustration when their web host and lead generation providers didn’t perform as promised and weren’t responsive. Keys2Day went looking for a comprehensive solution and a vendor that would be responsive after the sale goes through. InfoStreet deployed a cloud-based intranet that hosts all of Keys2Day’s cloud based apps and gave Keys2Day actual phone numbers to actual people.

What are the real-time situations that are holding your business back from succeeding?


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