The Top 10 Gifts the Cloud Will Bring your Small Business.

by Marcy Hoffman on August 17, 2011

The benefits of cloud computing are gifts for your business

If you have ever used Gmail or Yahoo! you are realizing the benefits of cloud computing, although you may not have realized it. Cloud computing is the use of the Internet to access your information and programs from any web-enabled device instead of relying on programs or software downloaded to a desktop or server. Cloud based apps reduces costs, reduces IT hassles and frees your team from their desks.

It may be 5 months until the holidays, but the Cloud is a gift to small businesses all year long. Here are the Top ten Gifts the Cloud will bring your business:

  1. The Gift of Time: Access your data anytime; from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Never have to run back to your office to retrieve a document left on your desktop or contact information sitting on your server.
  2. The Gift of a Glitch-Free Office: Cloud based apps don’t crash, don’t get viruses, the provider handles upgrades usually in the wee hours of the morning and integrating various applications is easier (if you select the right vendor).  The fewer glitches, the more productive your office.
  3. The Gift of Green (no not that one, for now): On average, individual personal computers are only used at approximately 10 to 20 percent of their capacity. Similarly, computers and servers are left idle for hours at a times soaking up energy. With cloud computing, you save on your electric bill and join the green revolution.
  4. The Gift of NOW technology: Cloud based app level the playing field for small businesses. With cloud-based apps, your business has access to the same state-of-the-art office productivity tools that the Fortune 100 companies have.
  5. The Gift of Mobility: See #1. Time is money after all.
  6. The Gift of Consumer Connect: Business practices are most successful when they respond to their customer’s daily habits. The Yellow Pages was an excellent tool to reach your local customer; the Cloud expands this reach exponentially. The Starting Retail business Guide outlines 5 top benefits a retail business will realize from the adopting the cloud.
  7. The Gift of Connectivity:  Social networking is a fact of life that small businesses need to adopt.  Consumers are on social networking sites and every business needs to understand which networks their target audience is and start engaging them. The young and connected may be on Twitter , Facebook attracts a diverse demographic while professionals gravitate to LinkedIn groups. With  over 284 million people view more than 2.5 billion pages each month. it’s time to engage even just to listen to what your customers, and your customers, are saying about your company.
  8. The Gift of Customization: If your company needs a custom application or needs to modify an existing app, the Cloud simplifies the entire process. From building to testing to implementing, the time to market is accelerated costs reduced. Cloud hosting can ease collaboration outside the firewall – whether that’s with remote team members or business partners or clients.
  9. The Gift of Green (yes, this time it is Money).  Cloud computing works from any web-enabled device. The cloud works on new and older computers, MACs and PCs, desktops, laptops, net books, tablets and smartphones. No need for expensive servers or upgraded hardware.
  10. The Gift of reduced IT: (Time to fire your nephew?) When experts outside your business maintain all the services you need, there is not need to hire new ones.

The Cloud: to paraphrase a 1950′s ad campaign, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

InfoStreet, a Cloud app provider, helps clients navigate the multitude of Cloud apps launched daily to develop a customized, comprehensive solution to allow both management and sales professionals to work on their core competency. Contact us to see how InfoStreet can change help your company, whether you have 100 employees or one.



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