SPAM was Killing the Eagle … Was Yahoo!’s Email to Blame?

by Marcy Hoffman on August 1, 2011

How one company’s move to the cloud kept them in business.

Eagle Technologies LLC (Eagle) is a veteran-owned company located in Virginia that provides engineering, composite, and precision machining fabrication services to aerospace companies.   It was critical to Eagle that they had clear communication with their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) aerospace clientele. Unfortunately, Eagle learned that they faced a serious communication problem when they discovered that their emails were being flagged as SPAM by one of their major OEM clients. The OEM was using Trend Micro to detect SPAM on incoming email. This came as a surprise to Eagle given that Eagle had been paying Yahoo for over a decade for their small business email service.

Yet when Yahoo was contacted concerning this issue, it was conveyed to Eagle that Yahoo does not distinguish between paying customers and free service members. In other words, outbound mail for both business and free/personal mail are often carried on the same servers by Yahoo.

Can a Move to the Cloud save the Eagle?

The issues Eagle faced with their Yahoo email service were highly disruptive to the clear communication required, and could not be ignored. Their move to the Cloud was not only aimed at solving the serious problem they were having with their Yahoo-based business email but also at helping their businesses grow.  Mia Copeland, VP of Contracts at Eagle, immediately began to reach out to other email service providers to find a solution. Not wanting to purchase an expensive in house email server such as MS Exchange, Lotus notes, or Zimbra, Copland looked to the Cloud for an alternative.

After much investigation, InfoStreet was chosen to help navigate the series of requirements necessary to provide an affordable (and worry-free) email exchange alternative.  By combining Email, Email Archiving, Website Hosting, and Address Book Applications, Mia and her dedicated InfoStreet customization team were able to not only replicate the technology Eagle was using with Yahoo, but also enhance their services, realizing the true benefits of Cloud computing. After utilizing the service for a few weeks Mia Copeland had this to say, “Using an exclusive business email provider, who only specializes in business email coupled with enhanced services, gives me the security of knowing our reputation and the service we provide to our customers will continue without interruption.”

Today, Eagle has a streamlined Cloud email solution that is not inhibited by SPAM blocking software. With InfoStreet, Eagle has found a trusted technology partner.

InfoStreet, a Cloud app provider, helps clients navigate the multitude of Cloud apps launched daily to develop a customized, comprehensive solution to allow both management and sales professionals to work on their core competency. Contact us to see how InfoStreet can change help your company, whether you have 100 employees or one.

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