Cloud-based applications don’t require Sunday school.

by Marcy Hoffman on July 26, 2011

Top 3 time-saving benefits of cloud computing

Last week  I finally gave up my cherished Blackberry. I spent over an hour at Verizon testing the Droid and iPhone and decided finally on the Droid Charge. I proceeded to ask the salesperson a usability question about my new phone at which time he invited me to attend one of their weekly Droid classes.

Classes for a phone? Who has the time?

 According to  a recent study by Samsung, which examines how workers use IT in the workplace, employees spend an average of 7 hours a week fixing IT headaches. Take that number, multiply it by your hourly cost per employee, then multiply that figure by the number of employees….and you have a staggering figure.

Now add the number of hours in IT training required for many software programs, hardware, and now phones. It’s absurd.

So how will cloud apps reduce the hours of training and repairs?

Here are the Top 3 answers:

Efficiency:  If time is money, then the cloud is Christmas in July.

The Samsung report found that 81% of respondents spend up to an hour looking for documents and 44% have spent time creating a document only to find it already exists. Any employer or employee can list similar inefficiencies:  repetitive tasks, the inability to locate key information or contacts, information that is stuck on an individual’s desktop in the office. Using cloud based file sharing and collaborative apps allows personnel, customers and partners anywhere, anytime access to company wide data (permission management tools control access). 

Hardware: From zero to server in 30 seconds

 With the cloud, the list of hardware (servers, upgraded computers, etc) is……..0

 The amount of time required to upgrade or repair all this hardware………………0

 The time your team can put to use on productive work…………………………..……priceless

 “Twelve years ago it took a company 6-8 weeks to commission a server” says Lanham Napier, CEO of Rackspace. Putting your IT in the cloud allows “you to have a new server in 30 seconds.

Automatic fixes and upgrades: Magic comes to the office

Cloud app providers would play well as a magic show in Las Vegas. Upgrades and repairs are performed by the provider, usually in the middle of the night. Cloud app providers can access your system (with your permission) and repair any issues remotely. A far cry from downloadable software that requires multiple downloads for every new version and the ubiquitous rebooting of the server which requires office wide downtime. And let’s not talk about the 3 Tylenol headache that seems to be required when trying to bring your older generation computers in sync with the latest software version.

Is the cloud the answer to all IT problems? Of course not. But I assure you that you won’t require hours of classes to realize the benefits of cloud computing.

Now about my Droid………………………….





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