June 2011

Moving to the cloud…one step at a time

Business owners seem to be inundated with 24/7 messages that all seem to be shouting “Get thee to the cloud”. But the thought of moving an entire operation to the Cloud can seem overwhelming so why not start slowly, with one application, or process, at a time and bring in more incrementally. Take the time to feel comfortable (it won’t take as long as you think), one step at a time. These are 10 apps that will start your the move to the cloud.*

Part I: The first 5 steps in bringing your office to  the Cloud:

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3 ‘headaches’ that Cloud apps will fix better than Tylenol:

I am referring to those time-consuming tasks that everyone in business handle a few times a month, if not daily. Here are 3 ‘headaches’ that the Cloud will fix better than Tylenol:

1. Notaries: Contracts, agreements…any document that requires a certified signature is a headache we all have experienced.  Have you ever counted the steps required to get an agreement signed? You sign and notarize, FedEx it to your client, they sign and have it notarized and send it back. What a colossal waste of time.

An e-signature is a legally binding, enforceable action. In October 2000, the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) delivered the convenience of electronic signatures with the consumer protections of appropriate notifications, disclosures and assurances of technological neutrality and universal access. The legislation also provided for authentication processes, privacy protection, legal certainty, fraud shields, easy document access and record retention.

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