April 2011

Saving the environment. Satiating your need for instant gratification. Ending a multi-year war.

Cloud computing can do all that?

Yes. Really.

The top ten benefits that Cloud Computing offers your business were listed in a recent post. They basically come down to cost, time and productivity.

Yet, I realized that there are 3 tangential benefits that may not be as obvious but are equally important to your team and to your business.

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Cloudwords has launched a cloud-based application that helps companies that require translation services locate the right vendor, bid and manage their translation projects.

From their website, their services include:
  • a vendor marketplace
  • standardized bidding process
  • project visibility and management
  • translation memory: using the cloud to store your project, share the data and access it as you need it

Translation services are not new; locating, bidding, managing and accessing your translation projects are additional advantages of cloud computing.