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Most people set up an account, post their job, maybe their previous job, their education if it was notable, connect to some colleagues and friends………………and wait.

Wait for something to happen. And nothing does. And then over dinner they state unequivocally that LinkedIn is a waste of time.

It isn’t; quite the contrary. Recently, a young colleague was interested in a position with a company in NY. I researched the principals of the company and noticed that one the VPs was a 2nd connection ( a friend of a friend). I reached out to my contact, who instantly introduced me and within days, my colleague had an interview.

Nice story but the next part demonstrates the power of LinkedIn. At this time, I was finalizing a marketing strategy for a company that I was advising and I had targeted a company based in NY as an ideal partner for this company. The VP I ‘met’ turned out to be the property manager for, yes, the very company I wanted as a partner. The introduction between CEOs was made within days.

Yes, you need LinkedIn but it will some time and effort to make it work.  But it will pay off often in unexpected ways.

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